TMS has a successful track record of agile, responsive delivery working with diverse Federal clients, including: Departments of State, Justice, Treasury, Commerce, Energy, and Health and Human Services; Small Business Administration; Counterintelligence Field Activity; Defense Manpower Data Center; Transportation Security Administration; Customs and Border Protection; Intelligence agencies; and the Executive Branch.

 Trusted Mission Solutions supports portions of the DoD, Health IT, Intelligence Community, Law Enforcement, and other civilian branches of the Federal Government.

Federal Customers

DoD - Department of the Navy


Health IT - DoD MHS

Health IT - FDA

Health IT - HRSA

Health IT - NIAID

Intelligence Community - DIA

Intelligence Community - NGA

Intelligence Community - Other IC Customers

Law Enforcement - DOJ

Law Enforcement - FBI

Other Civilian - Bureau of the Census

Other Civilian - DOL

Other Civilian - DOS

Other Civilian - NARA

Other Civilian - SBA

Customer Testimonials

“Trusted Mission is a highly responsible, very well-managed company with excellent technical and managerial resources. They are dedicated to high-quality work and are exceptionally professional. They are one of our most valued contractors and have performed admirably throughout their tenure with our Agency. Trusted Mission has continually provided top-of-the-line support and their staff members pay attention to the smallest details. The company and its staff are pro-active, self-starters, and are exceptionally efficient.” ---- COTR, Office of the Chief Information Officer

“The Trusted Mission Solutions' staff is very conscious of the quality and accuracy; the efforts, regardless of whether fully handled by TMS staff or a combination of TMS and subs, was absolutely seamless. The jobs were managed by the Project Manager and the coordination between the workforce(s) was done as though he managed a single entity. It was totally impressive.” ----- COTR, Office of the Chief Information Officer

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